Progress Report: Interior Files Uploaded to KDP

Did as well as I could have hoped this last week. Finished Draft 5 of Shifting Shadows, finalized the formatting, uploaded to KDP, and created a review campaign through BookSprout. Shifting Shadows will be out on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited on October 15th, 2022.

I started working on the cover files for the print books and was so proud of myself. When I adjusted the color for CMYK, one of the woman’s cheeks lost the smooth transitions between colors and I had to touch it up. I did it completely with the brush tool in Photoshop using techniques I’d started learning about drawing and painting in the program. I’m so excited my new learning experience is already paying off.

I got the bivalent COVID booster today, so I’m not sure how productive I’ll be this weekend. I have a bad track record of not reacting too terribly well to the COVID shots.

I set goals for the month of October, including:

  • Final Prep for Shifting Shadows
  • Finalize Print versions of Shifting Shadows
  • Start planning my NaNoWriMo novel, Matched to the Alien Prince
  • Do cover art and blurb for new book
  • And (unrelated) participate in Inktober

Until next time,

Your Surprisingly Productive Author


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