Progress Report: Treading Water?

This week was… interesting. I went into it not really feeling like I had a good idea of what I needed to get done, and I finished it much the same.

On the plus side, I scheduled a bunch of posts to my Instagram account and I’m starting to really get into Instagram as a platform. For the first time, I’ve developed post templates that I actually like, and my posts were getting likes. On the flip side, I did very few TikTok videos and am growing an increasing dislike of the platform in general. I tend to skip over most of the videos by other authors on BookTok because my brain just can’t process all the information thrown at me at once. Music, excerpts that pop on and off the screen entirely too fast, and busy backgrounds that make it hard to read. It really doesn’t play well with my neurodivergent brain.

Back to my books, I had wanted to get proofs ordered for the print versions of Shifting Shadows this week, which seemed very possible… except IngramSpark had several days of IT issues that prevented me from actually submitting the books through to the end until this very morning. With any luck, I can order proofs tomorrow or maybe Tuesday. I’m a little disappointed as this throws off my schedule by almost a week.

As for Matched to the Alien Prince, I’ve been playing around with what I want the template for the series covers to look like and it’s starting to take form in a manner I’m happy with. I have most of the beat sheet for the FMC and a basic rundown of the A story. I need to figure out the MMC and some of the underlying societal conflicts that will affect them but won’t necessarily be in the book. This will probably be part of my intentions for this coming week, but it’s going to also probably be a short week for me.

I had the idea this week to start experimenting with doing giveaways, both of ebooks and print books. I haven’t really dabbled with this very much in the past, but especially since I know have a decent number of books under my belt, I want to revisit this strategy for reaching new readers. Expect to see these giveaways, as well as more discounts, coming soon.

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