Progress Report: Sorry for the Gap

I honestly had to look up when my last progress report was because I forgot how long it had been. It was October 9th, which made sense as I had guests over starting a few days later and then promptly dived head first into NaNoWriMo preparations the moment they left.

Shifting Shadows is live in Kindle and both print versions now on Amazon (though I might need to update the Books2Read links for it). I’m currently 57% towards the 50k word goal in Matched to the Alien Prince. I’m thinking it will be another that might be on the longer side. She doesn’t meet Zayvan (MMC) until about 37% into the 50k goal, so either I got WAY too wordy in Chapter 2 (perfectly possible) or it’s gonna be a bit longer, though I really hope it doesn’t end up being as long as Shifting Tides. I liked that book, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was a mad rush trying to finish it.

I also came up with a story concept for Book 2 in the new series. I’m going to have the FMC’s spaceship crash land in the snow-covered mountains of Savala, with the MMC (of course) coming to the rescue, hopefully before she dies of exposure. I’m planning some twists, though I haven’t worked out all the details yet as I just came up with the idea this morning in the shower (because of course I did).

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