New Story: Displaced

sacher-cake-635773_1280I have an idea for a new story, which I will be posting sporadically here on my blog.  The story will be a paranormal novel, but it will also be something possibly very different from what you usually see out there.  The intent of writing it, at least a little, will be to allow me to process and come to terms with some of the things I am having to accept about myself, but also as platform for others to understand the many and varied forms humanity can take.

This will not be a lesbian book or a gay book, though there will be those things in the story.  It will attempt to encompass the entirety of human sexuality, relationship preferences, and gender identities.

I will use people I have met or talked to online as examples in the book, though not in perfect detail, and of course I won’t use their real names, as I don’t frequently know them, and they deserve their privacy regardless.  But know that many of the experiences in the book are real.

But the world I create for my characters is far from what is present today.  Asexuals are prejudiced against above and beyond all other forms of sexuality, and are considered lepers even among the LGBT community at times.  In a world where sex is an integral part of the human experience in most people’s minds, a person who feels no attraction toward others is viewed as broken, sub-human, sometimes to dangerous levels that can lead to physical violence, leading these individuals to fear even speaking of their sexuality for the chance that it could lead to derision, disgust, or even worse at the hands of those that refuse to see them as a true group of whole, perfectly functional individuals.

I hope you will stay tuned as I prepare this story.

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