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seizeSo, long sentences this week.  My parents have a mostly remodeled kitchen and a brand new 35.25″ shower stall.  Mom’s still not happy with the tile work but whatever.  And, I taught her how to use her new iPad Mini.  All’s right with the world.  😉

It had dipped dangerously cold last night yet, while she allowed him to wrap David in a warm blanket, she’d balked each time he’d tried to wrap her, even with her thin, ripped dress and bare feet.  He’d feared she’d freeze to death in the night so he’d stayed awake, draping her tightly in blankets when she drifted off far enough to allow it, then looking on in dismay when she ripped them off in a blind panic.

The previous night, though warmer, had been little better.  David had fallen asleep first, then Sir Lionel, and, he assumed, eventually Amara.  But, sometimes in the night, he was awakened by blood curdling screams.  He jerked, startling his horse and focused on the sound.  David was crying, the first time he’d ever seen the boy without a smile on his face, and trying to wake his mother, who was screaming and thrashing in her sleep.

A splash of cold water woke her and eventually David went back to sleep, curling up on the bedroll like a puppy, but he was certain Amara never went to sleep.

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Photo credit: Ghetu Daniel / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude / Foter / CC BY

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