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seizeHello, my peeps.  Good to see you again this lovely Sunday.  With any likelihood, my parents are working me to death at this very moment, but don’t feel sorry.  I’ve done it to them before too.  There is a chance I might not post next weekend.  Not really sure how my schedule’s going to be with the holidays, and being slave labor for kitchen and bathroom overhauls.  Hope you enjoy.

The sun traveled high in the sky when they finally reached the gates of Sandulf.  He’d always loved coming here, so full of life and energy.  Today was no different as he led the horse through the gates then the market square.  It had been a grueling couple of days, walking beside his horse with the weight of Amara’s mood laying heavily on him the entire time.  Even with David’s levity, it was hard to stay optimistic in her presence.  Each day, he got more and more of a glimpse of what she might have gone through and it certainly was no battle.  She flinched if he went to touch her, even to help her onto the horse.  She couldn’t bare anything constricting, even the weight of a blanket in the cold of night.

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Photo credit: Ghetu Daniel / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude / Foter / CC BY

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  • He’s definitely trying to healp. BTW, don’t you mean “bear” rather than “bare”? Or were you trying for the double entendre?

  • Poor Amara! Sounds like she’s been through hell.

  • Intriguing snippet, sure there is a lot more to be revealed about Amara.

  • I really am enjoying this story, thoroughly intrigued with all three characters. I want to know the backstory and what’s going to happen next…oh yes, I’m totally invested! Excellent excerpt!

  • burnsmillie

    Oh, I hope Amara can get some peace of mind…and Lionel can be her knight in shining armor! Hope you aren’t worked too hard, but I am sure your parents appreciate all your help : ) Merry Christmas!

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