Progress Post: Week 7

Saturday, I wrote 5254 words in Matched to the Alien Workaholic and reached 26k words total. I’ve got 3 scenes left to write, so I’m hoping to get it done writing by mid month.

Finished episode 21 of Fated Mates of the Drakoan on Wednesday last week.

Wrote No Surprises, a story featuring Surg surprising Victoria with a Valentine’s Day date (couple from Shifting Paradigms).

I’ve been reading in Wide for the Win (and learning a surprising amount considering it was written in 2021). I also got finished setting up my author account on Google Play. In anticipation of going wide, I’ve also created a networking group on FB and I started planning out group promos for wide authors in my genre. I’m planning on scheduling them on BookFunnel soon.

Yesterday, I started working on improvements to the welcome sequence on my mailing list and planning how to implement a street team. It’s looking good so far, and I’ve even set up a points and rewards system. Not sure how things should be weighted, but it’s definite progress. It’ll have a reward store where people can turn in all the points they’ve accumulated for participating and supporting my books.

Recent Reads

Deep Sea Kiss, Deep Sea Love, and Tempted by Zoe Ashwood – Gotta say I was a bit pissed at the ending of Tempted. It was a cliffhanger. And looking back, I can’t quite figure out what the story arc was. It didn’t seem complete at all. The other books were good. Great, really. I’m enjoying the sea dragons. But Tempted feels like the author split a long book into 3 shorter volumes but didn’t bother to actually find a good stopping point. I’m enjoying the story and thankfully the series was already finished and in KU, so it wasn’t like I was out any extra bucks or had to wait, but still irritating.

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