Progress Post: Week 6

Since my last post, I scheduled a mailing list email (I’m experimenting with putting the Fated Mates episodes in the emails… we’ll see how that goes). I also had to check that I wasn’t using my gmail account for anything associated with my mailing list (Google and Yahoo are cracking down on free email accounts). I also came up with my 2024 business plans (i.e. my goals for the year). Main areas of focus are: Going Wide, Networking, and building my author brand. Toward that goal, I was working on figuring out back matter and updating the blurb for Mila’s Shift in anticipation of the wide launch. I’m thinking I will be tweaking the entire series before actually scheduling anything so I know I’m ready to put everything on pre-order. I also came up with an idea for doing Freebie Fridays on my social media (giving a few free eBooks away to people who respond to the posts). I’ve never tried that before, and it’s basically impossible in KU, but it’s something I can do now so…

I wrote a new story hop story for my subscription, a Slice of Life story featuring the main characters from Matched to the Alien Prince. Posted Shifting Tides as the Book of the Month for Serial Lovers and removed the old BotM.

Wrote episode 21 of Fated Mates of the Drakoan. Wrote 4378 words in Matched to the Alien Workaholic. I had done a Saturday productivity livestream to get that last bit done. It went mostly well, except I had to stay late at work for the first time in ages so… didn’t exactly start on time. I think if I schedule it in the future for 7PM, it should be doable though.

On YouTube, I did a “January Month in Review” today. It took two hours (because I read too damned much), but I went through all the books I’d read in January, sharing my thoughts and highlights from the books, though I kind of rushed the ending because I’d been at it for so long and I really needed to get some other stuff done today.

Anyway, that’s the big stuff. Until next time.


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