Progress Report: June 2019 #amwriting #amediting

June was an interesting month.  This month, I found myself really hitting my stride with my writing, reaching my goal every week for the month and exceeding the month-long goal by almost 3,000 words.

For Mila’s Shift, I ran into problems (a sore throat) earlier in the month, which slowed me down and I had to figure out a schedule that would allow for consistent work as the maintenance personnel tend to use their lawn mowers and weedwackers outside my workspace when I was trying to record (which was a challenge no amount of soundproofing could overcome).  I changed my schedule and that seems to help and I was able to get consistent progress the last week of the month.

For Tristan’s Choice, I misjudged how long some things were going to take and will have to add an extra editing step, but the new process will allow me to streamline the process for the next book I edit, Terra’s Fate, reducing the amount of steps by removing an earlier step.  All in all, good learning experience.

Below, you can also see that I’ve added the deadlines I’ve given myself for publishing each book/version.  I have not set a deadline for the audiobook yet because I want to get more familiar with the process before establishing that.  I’ve very new to that process and want to be able to create a realistic deadline.


Mila’s Shift

End of June Goal: Start Pre-Order for ebook version.  Reach 71% of recording audiobook.

Progress: Pre-order for ebook version is live.  Reached 29% of recording audiobook.

Deadline Status: N/A


Tristan’s Choice

End of June Goal: Finish Draft 2 (Bulking), Reach 50% of Draft 3 (Copy Editing).

Progress: I finished Draft 2.  I reached 50% of Draft 3.

Deadline Status: On Target


Shifting Cargo

End of June Goal: Reach 24,363 words written.

Progress: 27,134 Words.

Deadline Status: On Target


July 2019 Goals

  • Mila’s Shift: Reach 75% of recording audiobook.
  • Tristan’s Choice: Finish Draft 3 (Fictionary).  Reach 25% of Draft 4 (Rewrites).
  • Shifting Cargo: Reach 33,734 words written.


Release Deadlines:


  • Tristan’s Choice: January 15, 2020
  • Terra’s Fate: May 15, 2020
  • The Alien’s Pet: September 15, 2020
  • Shifting Cargo: January 15, 2021


  • Mila’s Shift: Not Set

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