Progress Report: May 2019 #amwriting #amediting

I’m still working on tweaking my goals a little bit.  When setting my goals last month, I didn’t take into account real world deadlines (e.g. I want to finish Shifting Cargo in time to start a new book for NaNoWriMo in November and I want Tristan’s Choice ready to upload to IngramSpark by the release of Mila’s Shift on September 15).

This means that while I gave myself a deadline of end of May to finish Draft 2 of Tristan’s Choice, I didn’t need to finish the draft until June 15 and while I’ve been setting myself a goal of 8800 words per month for Shifting Cargo, I only need about 6600 to reach my end of October goal for that book.

I also didn’t take into account that I’m my most productive on days when I can work on writing/editing before work, which is only 4 days a week.  I’m going to adjust my daily goals to compensate.  As I said, this didn’t affect my real world deadlines (thankfully), but it is something I need to take into account moving forward.


Mila’s Shift

End of May Goal: Start Pre-Order for Paperback/Hardcover versions.

Progress: Paperback version is on Pre-Order.  Hardcover is currently pending final technical review.


Tristan’s Choice

End of May Goal: Finish Draft 2 (Bulking)

Progress: I am 84% complete with Draft 2.


Shifting Cargo

End of May Goal: Reach 18,754 words written

Progress: 17,763 Words.


June 2019 Goals

  • Mila’s Shift: Start Pre-Order for ebook version.  Reach 71% of recording audiobook.
  • Tristan’s Choice: Finish Draft 2 (Bulking), Reach 50% of Draft 3 (Copy Editing).
  • Shifting Cargo: Reach 24,363 words written.

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