WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 01/19/2014 #8sunday #snippetsunday

seizeHope you enjoy Seize again this week.  Looking forward to your comments, and an end to this weekend before it has even started…

It was clear the castle, the city itself, was built strategically, with defense and war in mind.  The city was designed to destroy the morale of an attacking army before they even neared its walls.

As we approached the castle, it dawned on me.  David was a prince.  I couldn’t figure out why it hadn’t occurred to me before.  After all, the witch had kidnapped me and I was a princess.  It only made sense that David was a prince himself.  David was dragged us to see his father, the king.

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Photo credit: Ghetu Daniel / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude / Foter / CC BY

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  • So David was a captive of the witch, too? (BTW, I think the last sentence would read better if you change dragged to dragging.)

    • A

      Yes, he was a captive too. She saved him! And thank you for pointing out the typo. It’s been corrected in the manuscript.

  • Enjoying the story as always, missed having a glimpse of the knight this week! Great snippet!

  • I like your description of the city, very visual. What a beautiful cover this has too!

    • A

      Thanks and really? I keep thinking I need to make a better one. I haven’t been happy with it. It doesn’t quite pop the way I want it to.

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