Book Review: The Goddess’s Choice by Jamie Marchant @RobrekSamantha

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I absolutely loved this story. I finished in less than one discharge of my iPad (I was up ’till 4:30 in the morning, but I finished it). I simply couldn’t put it down.

The Goddess’s Choice is based on a Norwegian legend I’ve never heard of, but you can clearly see the classic elements of old world legends in the telling. It is bloody and gruesome at times (think Grimm’s Fairy Tales gruesome), there is magic and mystery, and the three magical horses just scream myths and legends to me.

Samantha is a strong heroine in the story, unusual for the old world. Even in the story, it is clear that many are not happy with having a woman in such a position of power). I like her a lot and it pains me to see what she has to go through in the story to come out on top, the people she has to lose.

Robrek, the hero of the story, frustrated me for most of the story, even while I was rooting for him to escape the nightmare his reality is and get the girl. He fights his destiny for much of the story (thus my frustration) and has difficulty letting go of the past so he can have a future. I hated the people that abused him just as much as he did and it pained me to watch as those that should have nurtured and protected him, should have been his friends, turned on him.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and if you like romances or books with magic and knights, you’ll probably like this story.


About the Author

Jamie Marchant lives in Auburn, Alabama, with her husband, son, and four cats, which (or so she’s been told) officially makes her a cat lady. She teaches writing and literature at Auburn University. Her first novel The Goddess’s Choice was released in April 2012 from Reliquary Press. She is hard at work on the sequel, tentatively titled The Soul Stone. She also has published a novella, titled Demons in the Big Easy. Her short fiction has been published in Bards & Sages, The World of Myth, and Short-story.me.

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