Progress Post: Week 4

There won’t be too much to report today since my last post was on Thursday…

Got another 2k written in Matched to the Alien Workaholic. Second scene is now posted.

A Pirate’s Life for Me posted on Friday to eBooks Lovers of my Interstellar Crew on Ream. This is a short story featuring Cass and Kou from Shifting Loot. They are on a job to recover some stolen goods, only they’re stuck searching a suburban neighborhood, and only one of them is enjoying themselves.

Did a Sims Let’s Play on Sunday and will now be trying to get Caleb the vampire to marry our FMC Nia (she’s already married to Barf the alien). There’s far too many kids in the house (none are older than toddlers) and it’s all complete madness because I feel like I always do this to myself. I find it entirely too entertaining to get my Sims pregnant then regret it once the kids show up…

Recent Reads

  • Finished Lust and Manhunt from last time.
  • Primal by Eva Marks
  • Just the Tip and Take my Daddy, I’ll take yours by Jenika Snow
  • Jacked (couldn’t finish the second book in the series) and Ghoul by Layla Fae
  • Knot Today Satan by Calliope Stewart
  • Tinsel and Tentacles, A Fangsgiving to Remember, and A Shot Through the Heart by Kate McDarris
  • I’m also discovering that the auto-update function between the Kindle app and Goodreads is very broken and has been for quite a while. I also doubled my reads for the year just by adding read dates for some of the books I’ve finished that it never updated. God knows how many just never ended up on Goodreads at all. I liked that integration because I’m terrible at keeping track, but this might actually be worse than having to track it myself…

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