Progress Report: March 2019 #amediting #amwriting

March wasn’t the best month for writing for me.  I had a vacation that ate up one full week and 2 weekends, but I did make progress!

Mila’s Shift

End of March Goal: Finish Draft 4 of Mila’s Flight (Line Editing)

Progress: Working on final edits for Mila’s Shift.  I anticipate working on formatting within the next month.



Goal: Write 2.2k Words/Week (Excluding Vacation Week)

Progress: Wrote 3,043 words in March

Note: I finished The Dragon’s Sugar Baby and have started developing my next story, Shifting Cargo, which accounts for the lower word count.  I will be participating in Camp NaNo in April and have set myself a goal of 8,800 words for the month.

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