Shifting Cargo is Available in Kindle Format

Shifting Cargo is now available in Kindle format, $4.99 or Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Paperback and Large Print Hardcover formats will be available June 22.  Can currently be pre-ordered at Barnes & Noble (Amazon is being a little kid about it).

Can you live with yourself if others die?

Ellie loves the freedom of space.  She works alone, takes jobs as she pleases, and tolerates her friends butting into her life.

It does have its downsides, though.  Like not being able to go to the corner grocery store for snacks.  And God forbid something breaks down… like now.

But with her not-so-helpful AI, she’s confident she can handle this as well, and they land her ship on a seemingly uninhabited planet for repairs.  But almost immediately after landing, an alien soldier barges on board and holds her at gunpoint, demanding use of her ship.

Ah, hell, no…

She fights back with all her might and manages to escape, but as he chases her through the wilderness, gunshots from a new threat ring through the air, causing her to duck and hide.  As the soldier stands tall and fires back, she can’t help but wonder…

Am I running from the wrong threat?

Shifting Cargo is Book 1 in the A Shift in Space series.  A steamy Sci-Fi romance with an independent, self-conscious heroine, an alien soldier worried about his missing unit, epic stakes, and lots of action and suspense.  Being the adventure today!

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