WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 07/14/2013 #8sunday #snipsun

Hello, again, everyone!  Today’s snippet is split between two chapters.  The first paragraph is the end of chapter one.  The rest starts chapter two.

Finally, I made the trees, ran another twenty feet hoping we wouldn’t be visible from the fields and collapsed painfully to my knees, feeling the jarring movement straight to my teeth.  The boy kept me from falling on my face.  I no longer had the wherewithal to put out my hands to stop my fall.


After a short reprieve where I rolled over and clasped the boy desperately to my chest, sucking in breaths like I stole them from the Grim Reaper himself, we continued on, at first a staggering, then a brisk walk.  We dared not speak, but I held his tiny, dirty hand in mine as if he were my only anchor to the world at large.

In truth, we’d developed a sort of bond in the short span of our mutual imprisonment.  He was a bright, clever little boy and, in spite of being ripped from his parents’ arms, he’d found reasons to smile even if I had not.  “Hello!” he’d said after slithering through a compartment connecting our two cells.


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